System description


Application of IZOFLEX system on the example of EWI system (polystyrene + mesh + adhesive)

Intended use and scope of application
IZOFLEX system set is designed for facade cladding on:

The main component of both slips and adhesive is the high grade quartz sand mined in domestic mines. Both elements contain high quality acrylic resins, which make both the slips and the adhesive flexible.

The slips are pigmented with iron oxide pigments at the production stage.

DSC_9854  DSC_9868

Slips are characterized by high elasticity, thanks to which we can round surfaces (eg columns in the form of cylinders), uneven, curves.

They are: 

DSC_9881  DSC_9976

The slips adjust to the shape of the surface so that there is no cornering effect. Izoflex remains flexible on the façade even after it has dried completely; “Works” with the façade, which is especially important when used on EWI.