Izoflex Primer

What is this?:
Deeply-penetrating, vapour-permeable product for priming surfaces before laying IZOFLEX cladding, for reducing absorbability of absorbable surfaces, for priming concrete, cement, cement and lime, gypsum surfaces; for applying on ceramics, paints, adhesives and wallpapers. Improves adherence of adhesive products to the surface.

aqueous synthetic resin dispersions, does not contain solvents

Apply undiluted on building exteriors and interiors.  Productivity: 0.1–0.15 l/m2 depending on surface absorbability. Drying times of the product depend on weather conditions and the surface treated (the recommended waiting time before laying slips or paint is 24 hours).

Store in tightly closed packaging, in cool temperature. Protect from frost. Storage time 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Primer is sold in plastic containers: 1 liter; 5 liters.