Izoflex system is ready-made solution for every wall

The slate pattern in our offer is a perfect imitation of brick, and the smooth slip looks like a classic brick clinker. Manufactured from high quality quartz sand with acrylic resin, which gives them flexibility, they are a proposition and solution for all those who do not want to lose their place, time and money. Their thickness – about 4mm and weight – 4kg / m2 are arguments for their use as decorative slips where clinker bricks are too thick or clinker slips too heavy.

A wide selection of designs, colors, widths and textures meet the needs of every investor!

Important information you need to know

Composition: water dispersion of synthetic resin; quartz sand; dyes; refining additions.

Packaging: brick slips are packed in cartons with a content of 1 m2 and 5 m2 of mounting surface or in other suitable for individual sizes.

Storage and transport: packed in cardboard boxes, it is stored and transported on pallets.

Containers should be protected from moisture, strong sunlight and high temperatures, and stored in a dry place.
Use Izoflex in your project!

Use Izoflex in your project!


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