Product advantages

Lightweight material

4kg / 1m2 – no restrictions for use on high floors, polystyrene does not require additional plugs and reinforced mesh

Easy to assemble and process

No spacing, crosses are used, knife or scissors are used for trimming, no additional grouting and impregnation are used.


The tile adapts to the shape of the substrate, has no cornering effect like in the case of ceramics, it is possible to cover uneven surfaces, curves and rounds.


Approx. 3mm thick, making the slip light. In the interiors does not take space.

Frost-resistant and waterproof

Resistant to the long-term effects of cyclically-changing high and low temperatures. The glue protects the facade against access of water, which does not enter into any reactions.


Thanks to this Izoflex system recommendation, water vapor passes through the wall due to the difference in temperature and pressure from inside to outside the building.

No efflorescence

On the surface to be covered will not appear white saline efflorescences as can be seen on the ceramic slips or clinker bricks; The slip adhesive is dispersive and does not contain lime and cement in its composition.

Produced in Poland for over 25 years

Polish capital, the product has been operating on the Polish market since 1990. Thanks to his industriousness, knowledge and aim, the home-grown production has been transformed into a large, dynamic company.

3D effect

It increases the aesthetic qualities of the façade, very well imitating the wall.


Full documentation allowing the product to be marketed in Poland and the EU, additional certificates for other countries.


Despite its over 28 years of operation and its technological solutions, Izoflex’s flexible facade slips are still a hand-crafted workpiece that makes the slips unique in their designs.

High quality of used ingredients

The main components of both slips and glue are high quality quartz sands, acrylic resins and dyes from reputable manufacturers.

On all substrates

Can be used outdoors and indoors, on mineral substrates (concrete, cement plaster, cement-lime plaster, etc.) and on insulation with polystyrene or wool.

Can be painted

If you want to get individual color, the tiles can be painted with acrylic paint

Competitive price

Quick assembly, no grouting, additional plugs, stronger mesh and many other components make the final product price competitive with traditional materials.

Easily accessible

The Izoflex system is exported to many EU and non-EU countries. We sell via distribution network as well as by mail.

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