At Izoflex, our commitment to the future is unwavering. From our company's inception, we have strived to create products that not only push the boundaries of innovation but also stand the test of time, serving for decades. In line with this philosophy, we made a strategic decision to introduce an additional layer to our flexible brick slips. This decision, although not widely communicated until now, is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and sustainable development.

The additional layer that we proudly incorporate into our products is the result of meticulous research and cutting-edge innovation. While it may seem that adding another coating could compromise the lightness and flexibility of our brick slips, the reality is quite the opposite. Through precise material balancing, we have not only maintained but also enhanced the properties of our products. This extra layer significantly boosts their durability, providing crucial reinforcement to tackle the challenges of modern construction.

At Izoflex, we believe that talking about the good things we do is just as important as creating them. Therefore, now that we are releasing our new catalog, it is time to share this information with a broader audience.

Our flexible brick slips with an additional layer are a response to today's architectural challenges and an investment in the future. We invite everyone who shares our belief that the future starts today to get to know the Izoflex products better - where innovation meets durability.

  • The unique Izo-Fiber® layer offers:

    • strength - increases resistance to corrosion, compression, and denting.
    • durability - acts as an additional reinforcement layer.
    • adhesion - enhances grip during installation.
    • flexibility - makes the brick slips easier to install, even at higher temperatures, without bending under pressure.
    • fire resistance - is a non-flammable material, which is a significant advantage in terms of fire safety for buildings.
    • lightness - does not affect the weight of the brick slip, allowing its use on higher floors without restrictions.
    • eco-friendliness - is a natural product and can be recycled, essential for sustainable construction.
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