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The best facade solutions

Since the beginning of our existence, we have been providing facade solutions that meet our customers' current and future needs. We share innovative materials so that our clients do not have to choose between functionality and visual attractiveness. We focus on excellent quality and high user comfort. 

We aim to be a valued international producer of facade solutions.
Our main goal is to support investors in creating exceptional projects. With pride, we provide our customers with modern wall slips that meet the requirements of both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Polish brand with a 30-year tradition

Izoflex brand consists of two integral and inseparable companies:           

Izotechnika - responsible for producing the Izoflex system, dynamically developing since 1991, 

Inesta - separate sales department, supporting the producer in daily market challenges since 2011.                                                                                                                            

Key values ensure the uniqueness of the products for years

We focus primarily on the long-term needs of our clients, carefully observing the market from a global perspective. Every day we work on improving our products, following current trends and creating extremely designer solutions that flexibly adjust to the highest requirements of our clients.

Nurtured know-how

Unique know-how is the result of experiences gathered over 30 years of our activity. Our secret skills in the field of production technology have allowed us to find the right balance between the attractive appearance and quality of our products. Established know-how and a bold outlook for the future are our way of satisfying customers' needs.

Traditional craftsmanship

We produce all elements of the system manually, which allows us to infuse each product with special attention to detail visible primarily in precise decorations on the surfaces of our slips. In the production process, we use sponges, spatulas, various types of knives, lacquer guns, brushes, and contour spatulas. High production standards guarantee the repeatability of basic technical parameters, such as the color and size of a given type of slip.

Carefully selected raw materials

We take full responsibility for the selection of the best possible raw materials. We manufacture our product only from high-quality sands that ensure their long-term use. The slips are resistant to weather conditions and damage caused by the formation of salt efflorescence.

User comfort

We pay special attention to the hassle-free installation of our slips, which, combined with extraordinary attention to aesthetics, ensures the highest level of user comfort. Izoflex facade slips do not require additional impregnation and any dirt can be easily cleaned with water, e.g. using a pressure washer.

Confirmed quality

The quality of the material is a significant factor determining the final value of the investment - the durability of the Izoflex system undoubtedly has a positive impact on its long-term use. Our materials have all the necessary certificates of approval for this type of building materials. Among our reference objects, there are realizations that Izoflex slips have adorned for 30 years.

3 pillars of Cooperation

We base our work on reliability, punctuality, and a partnership approach to cooperation with our clients.

1. Reliability

As a producer of building materials, we provide not only high-quality products but also support and knowledge. We are happy to share our experience by sending samples, on the basis of which the best solution for the project can be chosen. In addition, we support our system with advisory services that guarantee the proper functioning of the facility and reduce the risk of any mounting complications. We advise and train in the installation of the system and methods of caring for our materials - we know that well-installed slips are the basis for the long-term satisfaction of the client.

2. Punctuality

Only after the stage of estimation, we determine the time of order fulfillment. After making the payment, we immediately pass the order to production and confirm the deadline for finalization. We make every effort to ensure the continuity of production and availability of our slips in the shortest possible time. Thanks to domestic production, we can satisfy our customers' orders satisfactorily quickly and also make up for any shortages.

3. Partnership approach

Based on many years of experience from many conducted investments, we know how important it is to listen to the needs presented by the contractor. We accompany our clients at every stage of project implementation:

  • we advise on choosing the optimal solution,
  • we support during the purchasing process, during delivery, installation, and later use,
  • we also provide after-sales service.
Use Izoflex in your project!

Use Izoflex in your project!


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