Flexible Izoflex façade and wall tiles are unique technology that effectively replaces conventional clinker tiles. Izoflex is light, thin and resistant. They offer a lot of possibilities for arranging space. Handmade, by Polish craftsmen, for over 25 years.

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Flexible elevation tiles and other products

Looking for an interesting, original tile on the wall, but you do not want decorative tiles to take up a lot of space? Izoflex facade tiles are the perfect solution! They only have
4 mm thick, they are a perfect imitation of brick, and in our offer we also have a pattern imitation stone! Check out our assortment!


Izoflex facade tiles have been used on various buildings in Poland and abroad. Investors of many of the following implementations have set us various requirements for facade lining. Special emphasis was put on appearance. On some of them tiles were supposed to resemble an old brick, on other clinker tiles of a strictly defined color. Where facade stone was to be used, but for various reasons it was replaced with Izoflex tiles, the effect exceeded the expectations, and a happy investor boldly recommends our product to others. We invite you to see the most varied works on which often the facade stone, clinker brick or simply clinker has been replaced by decorative tiles Izoflex.

How to create an original wall in the interior of the apartment or what to choose for the exterior facade of the house? Can they be decorative tiles? Izoflex facade tiles, glued on specially designed Izoflex-SK adhesive which is also a fugue, is the perfect solution! Izoflex system, grout, glue and cladding Izoflex is a ready-made solution for finding tiles on every wall! The slate pattern in our offer is a perfect imitation of brick, and the smooth tile looks like a classic brick clinker. In our assortment there is also a pattern: imitation stone. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products!

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