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Izoflex-SK Glue

What is it?:
Izoflex-SK is a permanently flexible adhesive of high adherence and adhesive strength. It is used for fixing IZOFLEX tiles to substrates such as concrete, cement plasters, cement and lime plasters, gypsum, dry walls, fibre boards, OSBs, etc.

There are 4 colors of glue: 200, 201, 202 and 203. We also produce very dark, almost black -Anthracite. Perfect for tiles 108

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quartz sand, water dispersions of synthetic resins, dyes, improvers.

Adhesive application:
The adhesive is manufactured as a ready-to-use thick paste, which is applied to the surface using a 4mm dented trowel. It also serves as grout between tiles. It is smoothened in the joint with a brush. Adhesive consumption per 1m2 – approx. 2.3–2.5kg The surface on which the adhesive is applied should be dry, absorbent, non-dusty, primer with IZOFLEX-Grunt primer. The optimal tile fixing temperature is +10 to +25°C (at least +5°C).

White adhesive may be dyed to any colour using generally available acrylic paint dyes.

In closed containers, in cool conditions. Protect from frost and strong sunlight. Storage time 12 months from the date of manufacture.

The glue is sold in buckets: 1.5 kg; 5 kg; 9 kg; 20 kg; in ready to use consistency.