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Izoflex facade tiles are imitation of brick and facade stone and are used both as external and internal tiles. Manufactured from high quality quartz sand with acrylic resin, which gives them flexibility, they are a proposition and solution for all those who do not want to lose their place, time and money. Their thickness – about 4mm and weight – 4kg / m2 are arguments for their use as decorative tiles where clinker bricks are too thick or clinker tiles too heavy. A wide selection of designs, colors, widths and textures meet the needs of every investor!

  • Colors
  • Textures
  • Size and composition


color 100

color 101

color 102

color 103

color 104

color 105

color 106

color 107

color 108

color 109

color 110

color 111

color 112

color 113

color 114

color 115

color 116

Old Brick

Old Brick 105

Old Brick 107

Other designs

“3 sandstones” mix

“3 Greys” mix

“Dalmatian” mix

“Dutch” mix

Mosaic – Stone


“Pinch of cinnamon”

Most of the available colors are produced in textures listed below.

Size of tiles (length x width in mm):

Standard tile      Corner tile  (flat plate, it is folded down according to needs)
240×52 360×52
240×65 360×65
240×71 360×71

Size and number of tiles per 1m2 surface:

 tile type  width
 52 mm  65 mm  71 mm
 Standard tile  (240 mm)  66 pcs.  52 pcs.  48 pcs.
 corner tile (360 mm)  44 pcs.  36 pcs.  34 pcs.

For large orders we can make different sizes of tiles – details are set individually.

Composition: water dispersion of synthetic resin; quartz sand; dyes; refining additions

Packaging: plates are packed in cartons with a content of 1 m2 and 5 m2 of mounting surface or in other suitable for individual sizes.

Storage and transport: Packed in cardboard boxes, it is stored and transported on pallets.
Containers should be protected from moisture, strong sunlight and high temperatures, and stored in a dry place.

Tiles are sold in quantities needed for 1 m2 of the mounting surface (ie. that supplied tiles with joints 10-12 mm wide are  enough to cover 1 m2 of elevation).